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In The News: College Students Concerned About Anxiety

Life as a college student, looking back, really are the best years of your life. No responsibilities, but having all the control over what happens in your life. It’s a pristine time, and it’s a time I wish I could revisit – just nix the exams, homework, projects and any graded work.

The majority of the stress I endured from college was because of deadlines and procrastination. When I think back on it though, I don’t remember the stress I felt over that thesis paper, or that exam I was sure I was going to fail.

Regardless of all that stress though, college was some of the few years of my life I truly felt in control. I had to do everything myself, which meant whatever happened was my fault. I was the only person I was accountable for, and that’s a nice feeling.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that in an article published by Up Beacon on Dec. 2, anxiety is a top concern among college students. But what I found most interesting was that these concerns begin to manifest themselves in high school.

Honestly? High school was far more stressful to me than college ever was, and if I had to pick between staying an adult or going back to high school, I’d stay an adult any day.

Anxiety is a common emotion that many students feel, but according to Up Beacon, the stress that college students feel is due in part to wanting to be the best you can be.

Simply stating, college feels like a competition.

In fact, they mention that having a heavier schedule instills a sense of pride, but can also make you feel like you’re drowning in course work and competing with your peers to be the busiest, most well-rounded student.

I know I had personally spent countless hours throughout my college years comparing myself to high ranked students. I remember saying, “I’ll never be able to be like them. They have the perfect internship, the perfect grades, and I’m just here like ‘Oh, yeah I’ll maybe make a C on that exam… maybe.'”

I used to get so worked up over the fact that I could not and probably would not ever achieve what these students were doing. There was no way I could manage being the president of three different clubs, be in the honors program, have a 4.0 GPA, rush a sorority and land an internship with People Magazine or some other prestigious position within a well known company.

I knew that, but somewhere deep down I wanted to do that anyways because it felt like it was the only way to consider my time in college successful. That caused me a lot of stress, most of it unnecessary.

There is so much pressure to be something that is almost perfect and it’s not achievable. All you can do is be you, and do the best you can. Looking back on my college years I remember the stress, but I remember the countless hours I spent at newspaper meetings, laughing with my orchestra friends and cheering at sports events.

College students, take heed: you’ll get so much more out of life if you just relax and enjoy those four years before they disappear.

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