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But Does It Work? Apple Cider Vinegar & Stomach Bugs

This article has been updated and can be found here! If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

In the next few months, colds will ravage our home towns, influenza will be in full force and the stomach flu will seem almost unavoidable. Of course, with this season comes people searching for home remedies to keep themselves and others safe from what may seem inevitable.

While some may seem outrageous, I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Of course with so much on the internet, it’s easy to get lost and not find reputable sources. So, I’m on a mission to answer the most important question of all: but does it work?

So, the last time I wrote an article like this I looked at the protective properties of 100% Grape Juice. After scouring the internet for any scientific proof that it could work, I came up short. I found only one article that could be considered scientific, and it basically told me that there is no scientific proof that it works for norovirus.

But we’re not talking about that anymore, we’re investigating apple cider vinegar.

Similar to the grape juice theory, people who swear by taking shots of apple cider vinegar say the reason it works is because it changes the pH in your digestive tract. The reason this is important is because it has been seen on the internet that altering the pH balance in your stomach and digestive tract will keep stomach bugs from multiplying.

Now, in my initial thoughts I’m skeptical about this as well. After I published my grape juice article I did get another interesting peice of information: norovirus is notorious for reproducing in the intestines. This means that anything you drink probably won’t reach your lower intestine in time to do much.

And, similar to the grape juice, all I’ve been able to find is health bloggers and a wikihow page that endorse this method. When you visit the CDC website, they tout that the best way to prevent the stomach bug is with good hygiene and of course staying away from those who are sick.

However, there is one good side to apple cider vinegar: it does help with nausea. It won’t keep you from getting norovirus, but it could keep away a mild case of nausea. It’s also great for your hair, if that’s something you’re into.

So, what does this all mean? Honestly, I think apple cider vinegar is not a good remedy for the norovirus. Since it’s a virus that replicates in the intestines versus the stomach, anything you consume will be absorbed far before it gets to your intestines. However, if you’re feeling a little sick you can give it a try to fix nausea.

Just be careful, something tells me that apple cider vinegar might not be the easiest thing on the stomach if you were to get sick.

Do you have any suggestions for my next But Does It Work? post? Leave me your suggestions in the comments below!

Until next time, Internet!

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  1. Loni says

    My family as we speak has the stomach bug. Every time someone in my house or anyone I have been around has the stomach bug I go to the apple cider vinegar and cranberry juice. Ever since I started drinking that I haven’t gotten it. ( Hopefully I don’t jinx myself lol) It really does seem to work though


    • Correlation doesn’t imply causation! 🙂 I drink soda every day during stomach bug seasons, but it doesn’t mean the soda is keeping me healthy!


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