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Dear Diary: Hello From The Otherside

I couldn’t resist the Adele reference.

Hello you wonderful people, from the other side of the country! Two weeks ago I was writing from the East Coast, and now I’m in Idaho, writing from two hours in the past. How does the future look? Please, tell me, what are the winning lottery numbers, I need to know! What year is it, and who, I beg you, is president of the United States?

Ugh, I know. That’s totally overdone and I apologize. I guess this high altitude dessert air has my head all screwy. Or maybe it’s the sudafed I took to help me decongest from this god forsaken cold I’ve had for what seems like ages. Regardless, I apologize for the over done future bit, and let’s get back to business.

Being in Idaho has been amazing. I’m not working, so I’m living the life of a millennial housewife. I blog, I wear leggings on a daily basis, I’m looking at getting into yoga, I will begin playing with the Magic Valley Symphony Orchestra starting tomorrow and occasionally I write for the local paper as a stringer (aka freelance). I am living the Idahoan dream, and enjoying the wonderful perks that come with Idaho.

Which leads me to a small confession… I meant to post this last week, but got distracted. Shocker, I know. The idea was to mark one week in Idaho with seven things I’ve grown to love about the town I’m in but sometimes plans change.

So now, almost two weeks after we got here, here is my one week anniversary tribute to Idaho, and the seven things I’ve learned to love:

  1. Everyone is genuinely nice (so far). And I thought Southern people were nice! Sure, the south is known for it’s hospitality, but it’s also known for it’s sometimes hidden sarcastic messages. Does “bless your heart” mean anything to you? So when I got to Idaho it shocked me how genuinely nice everyone was, and no, this isn’t a lie. The other day, a dude pulled out far into my sight to make a right turn. I figured, for sure, he’d go before me and then make it so I’m sitting there another 5 minutes, because that’s just how it goes everywhere else. Nope – think again. He let me go first and let me know when the road was clear. Thanks dude, I appreciate your Idahoan hospitality.
  2. WinCo. So there’s a store here called WinCo, which is basically like if WalMart and Costco had a baby. The prices on all the items are amazing – much lower than WalMart – but that’s not why it’s on my list. It’s on my list because they have 5 rows of bulk containers that range from dog treats to pancake mix and everything in between. Seriously. I’m pretty sure I looked insane dragging my husband through the aisles going, “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? WHY DON’T THEY HAVE THIS EVERYWHERE?!”
  3. Gas Station Growlers. You can buy a growler, and refill it, at any local gas station in Twin Falls. I don’t know if this perk is special to Twin, but it’s a pretty awesome perk. They have a variety of 10+ beers on tap, that is unless it’s a tap takeover. Then it’s one brewery, all the taps, all the wonders of a brewery at your local gas station.


    Graupel in my front yard.

  4. Graupel. Okay, I can’t say this is exactly a reason I love Idaho, but it is something that I had never experienced before moving to Idaho and it was awesome. Graupel is basically what happens when snow wraps itself around hail and makes dipping dots. In fact, I’m convinced that Dipping Dots is created by harvesting graupel, then adding flavoring and deliciousness to it.
  5. Snake River Canyon. Guys, it’s beautiful. Plain and simple. The sheer size of this canyon is enough to give you vertigo just looking at it, but it’s worth the dizziness for it’s breathtaking views. New life goal for Idaho is to buy or build a home on the canyon rim and soak in everything that Idaho is mean to be.
  6. Everything is close. That’s not an exaggeration. Everything I need is within 15 minutes from my house. If it’s further, the locals will tell you it’s not worth traveling for. Unless it’s Sun Valley, Jackpot, Nev., Boise or Pocatello.
  7. Purple Potatoes. Perhaps one of natures greatest gifts to mankind, the purple sweet potato is just one of the reasons that Idaho has stolen my heart. Perhaps I’m biased, being that purple is my favorite color, but can we just take a moment to appreciate that there is a food in this world that is both delicious and purple? The world could not ask for a better food.

I’m sure, overtime, this list will change. I’m excited because despite the common sentiment I get when I tell people I’m moving to Idaho (“What’s in Idaho? Isn’t it just potatoes?”), I’m excited to see everything it has to offer, and the opportunity it’ll give us to explore the other half of the country.

Okay, enough boring stuff. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you while in Idaho, and I can’t wait to get back to writing about emetophobia.

Until next time, Internet!

If you would like to email me, you can send any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions to contact@hashtagfearless.com. I will do my best to respond to you within 48 hours, but if for some reason I cannot get back to you in that time frame, I promise I will always respond as soon as possible. You can also find me on  FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram

Lastly, I run an Emetophobia Support Group on Facebook. Emetophobia is the intense and irrational fear of throwing up, and it is one struggle I am passionately engaged in. The group is a closed, by request only group to help facilitate sharing and support by all members. It is also private, meaning that the posts you and others make will not show up publicly in your newsfeed.

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