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#Fearless Quote of the Week: March 20-March 26

Beginning this week, #Fearless is happy to unveil their newest segment: #Fearless Quote of the Week! Every Monday we will feature a quote that was selected either by a member of the #Fearless team, or was submitted by our wonderful community. With each quote there will be a small explanation for why that quote was chosen, and what it means to the person who submitted it. Not only will this give a unique glance into the minds of our readers, but it will serve as your weekly dose of inspiration to get you up, focused and driven to make a change in your life or someone else’s. If you’d like to submit a quote for consideration, scroll down to the bottom of the post to fill out the form!

This week, the quote was chosen by Chelsie, owner of #Fearless. See why she chose this quote and what makes it special below:

“When I see this quote, It reminds me of when I finally made the decision to start therapy. It was a small step that I took to start bettering myself. If I could go back in time and talk to my past self, I’d not only explain just how big of a difference it makes in my life, but I’d recommend I start sooner. It was the one decision I made throughout my entire life that ultimately had the biggest impact. I remember how slowly I progressed at first, but soon it all clicked. I don’t regret taking that first step, no matter how difficult of a decision it was to begin.” -Chelsie S.

March 20 Fearless Quote.jpg


To submit a QOTW for consideration, please use the following contact form. All it takes is just a few minutes and you’ll be on your way to being highlighted on our site. Just leave your name, email, the quote you’ve chosen and why you’ve chosen it, and then wait to be notified if you’ll be featured. We can’t wait to hear from you!

If you would like to email me, you can send any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions to contact@hashtagfearless.com. I will do my best to respond to you within 48 hours, but if for some reason I cannot get back to you in that time frame, I promise I will always respond as soon as possible. You can also find me on  FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram

Lastly, I run an Emetophobia Support Group on Facebook. Emetophobia is the intense and irrational fear of throwing up, and it is one struggle I am passionately engaged in. The group is a closed, by request only group to help facilitate sharing and support by all members. It is also private, meaning that the posts you and others make will not show up publicly in your newsfeed.

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