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#Fearless Family: An Open Letter To My Abuser – I Forgive You

By No Longer A Victim
#Fearless Family Writer

To My Abuser:

When you first came into my life, I had no idea you would be one of my worst nightmares. I looked up to you as a father figure, a friend. Little did I know it was all a disguise to get what you really wanted…me. You not only took my innocence, my happiness, and those 2 years of my life, but you also took away future years of confidence, countless nights of wonderful dreams, trust in others (including the man who is now my husband), and feelings of safety.

Over 10 years later, and I still have nights where I relive what you did to me in my dreams. It took me years to learn to not cringe or shy away when my husband gets close to me. I now live in a state of anxiety of people who get too close to my daughter, terrified that the same thing might happen to her. She’s only 5, and yet I’ve already begun teaching her what people shouldn’t do and how to protect herself. Even though you continue to impact so many aspects of my life, there are 3 words I want to say…I FORGIVE YOU.

I forgive every touch, every self-esteem crushing word, everything you ever did to me. I have come out on the other side, and become a strong, independent, hard-working, and loving person. I’m not sure if I would be the person I am today if I hadn’t had to endure what you did.Keep in mind, I’m not forgiving you to give you peace of mind, or to try and get back into your good graces; I’m forgiving you for me. To help me heal, to help me move on with my life and finally put all of this behind me. I refuse to let you and your actions continue to control every aspect of my life…it ends with those three words:


No Longer A Victim

Thank you to No Longer A Victim for sharing this powerful and moving open letter!

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