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Fictional Holidays That You Really Should Be Celebrating

I don’t know about you, but I love holidays. It’s a reason to make themed food, and decorate your home for literally no reason other than corporate America tells you to. I honestly feel like there could always be more holidays, because there’s really nothing like a holiday to really lift your spirits. If you’re like me, and wishing you could celebrate more than just those boring old, traditional holidays, I’ve got a surprise for you: you can and I’ll show you how.

Thanks to the creative minds of television, movies, and just a handful of awesome humans, you can never feel bored with your holiday choices again!

Sluzzle Tag (The Amazing World of Gumball): January 10

In case you were feeling particularly sad after Christmas, and need a little pick me up, Sluzzle Tag is the holiday for you. Don your most festive grindcore attire (or, just opt for leather, studs, and black), wrap your toilet in barbed wire, and feast upon the greasiest fried food you can find. Exchange gifts that are ridiculous or unwanted from Christmas, and enjoy the sweet serenade of grindcore/screamo/metal music. Honestly, what more could you ask for? Sure, the date has passed for this year, but it means you get this to look forward to next you, and trust me, you should do it.

Gallentine’s Day (Parks & Rec): February 13

While this holiday is a little more mainstream now, it started off fictional so we’re going to add it to the list. Leslie Knope was one of the most inspiring women on television, so it’s not surprising that she came up with the most empowering female holiday: Gallentine’s Day. The day before Valentine’s Day, gather up your closest gal pals for brunch, or really anything you can to celebrate them, and make sure you let them know how much they mean to you. It’s literally just a party meant to bring together your favorite girl friends to celebrate your friendship, which means it can be celebrated however you see fit! However, if you don’t have waffles, I’ve heard that Leslie Knope will appear in front of you and loudly proclaim you had something to do with the death of Lil Sebastian – and honestly, no one wants that to happen.

Leif Erikson Day (Spongebob Squarepants): October 9

So, this is technically a stretch because Leif Erikson Day is technically a holiday in the U.S. That said, it got it’s notoriety from Spongebob, so it’s going on our list. Bubble Buddy was the larger focus of the episode that birthed Leif Erikson Day, but it’s hard to not want to don your viking beard and helm, and exclaim, “Hinga-dinga-durgen!” While the details of how to celebrate Leif Erikson Day aren’t exactly explain in the show, I don’t see it as a big deal. Just take Leif Erikson Day and make it your own special holiday where you all dress up as vikings and do as the vikings did. If you need some ideas on how to have fun like a viking, may I recommend this site? I’m especially intrigued by the game “Birth A Bear.” Yeah, you’re welcome.

Life Day (The Holiday Special, Star Wars): November 17

A celebration notably celebrated by Wookiees and Kashyyyk, Life Day was meant to symbolize peace, harmony and a the diversity of the planet they inhabited. Wookiees would decorate their homes with trees and garland. It’s kind of like a strange Christmas and Thanksgiving hybrid, if I had to give it a more modern and realistic feel. That said, the idea that Star Wars gave birth to a holiday meant to celebrate the diversity of the inhabitants of a single planet sounds like something we absolutely need in our lives right now. Celebrate however you see fit, but put a focus on peace, love, harmony, and all the amazing aspects that make us different.

Wolfenoot (Facebook Post): November 23

Created by a little boy out of New Zealand, this holiday has captured the hearts of many. Wolfenoot is essentially Christmas for everyone, but it celebrates the idea that the the Spirit of the Wolf will bring extra gifts to those who are kind to dogs. The website explains that you can eat roasted meat and make a cake that looks like a full moon. The spirit of the holiday is simply to be kind to dogs, and give back to pets however you can. Buy your dogs gifts, donate to a shelter or sanctuary for dogs or wolves, or celebrate any other way you see fit! So long as you are kind to dogs, the Spirit of the Wolf will look kindly upon you.

What other fictional holiday’s are you gearing up for this year? How do you celebrate? Let us know, maybe we’ll do a part two in the future!

Until next time, Internet!

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