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How The Artist Formerly Known As Dirk Strangely Helped Me Heal

As I walked into the crowded artist’s ally at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA, I was overwhelmed. It was my first con, ever, and it was the first time I had ever been given the privilege of covering a con quite like DragonCon. I was there as press for The Daily Quirk (now known as So Fetch Daily), but on this particular day I had nothing going on. Armed with nothing but a love for art, my husband, and a limited amount of cash I walked in awestruck by the amazing talents that had gathered there. After walking aisles upon aisles, I came across a booth selling art that was Tim Burton-esque; dark and twisted, amazingly drawn, and full of characters reinvented in the eye of the artist. The booth belonged to Dirk Strangely. I stopped at his booth and was immediately drawn to his style, specifically his Strangely Cats and his Alice in Wonderland series. I think that year I vowed that I’d come back to every DragonCon just so I could see him and …

7 Awesome Anxiety Reducing Items (& Alternatives!) To Keep At Your Desk!

If you’re like me, working a desk job and having anxiety are two inevitabilities of life. I get up, go to work, and sometimes my buddy anxiety is right there with me. Other times, they show up after a stressful day, or right before a deadline. Either way, I’ve just learned that life with anxiety is going to happen, so why not be prepared? This got me thinking about ways I can best equip my desk with items that will help me in the midst of anxiety. While not a comprehensive list, I’ve compiled a list of seven awesome anxiety reducing items to keep at your desk, for your reading pleasure. Essential Oil Defuser: I feel like as an anxiety sufferer, essential oils are just part of my calm down process. I use Eucalyptus and Mint, together usually, to help me relax and get to my “calm place”. This “calm place” is a meditation I do to help me get grounded again during a panic attack, and that meditation is attached to those scents. So, having …

Welcome to #Fearless

Hello,  and welcome #Fearless, a movement dedicated to sharing real stories, about real people, and their real life. We are focusing on a lifestyle that promotes the idea that being fearless isn’t about the absence of fear, but finding ways to power through regardless of it. We are hope, strength, love, courage, struggle & perseverance. Over the next few days, I will be releasing a multi-part series called Finding #Fearless, which is the story of me, my struggles and where I am today. It’s taking a look at the important parts of my life and the trials I endured that have laid the foundation for making myself a better me. It wasn’t always easy, but the road to a happy and fulfilled life rarely is. It takes hard work, dedication and persistence to achieve your goals, and Finding #Fearless is my personal road map.