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Save Yourself First

I’ve always been the kind of person to put others first. From the time I was old enough to recognize what helping other people meant, I’d do it. I always wanted to do lemonade stands and donate that money to charity. I was the person always volunteering to help someone move or perhaps watch their kids for a date night.

But Does It Work? Local Honey for Combating Allergies

I’ve heard it hundreds of times before, and the old saying goes: if you eat local honey, it’ll help desensitize your body to local allergens that make your nose drip and your head pound. I don’t particularly like honey, but I would be lying if I said that I occasionally didn’t consider eating a spoonful of honey if it meant I’d gain some relief from the seasonal allergies that plagued me each year. Of course, with every circulating method comes a small bit of skepticality on my part. If it was really something that was such a magical remedy for seasonal allergies, wouldn’t it be more commonly practiced and suggested? People seem to think it’s the way to go for curing their allergy driven sniffles, so now #Fearless gets to do the fun work and ask: But does it work? Initial Thoughts So, my initial thoughts about this are what’s not to believe? Bees pollinate flowers, flowers carry pollen, bees take pollen back hive and make honey, and pollen gets into honey. It seems simple …

Plant Therapy Oil of the Month Club Unboxing: Finger Root [April 2017]

We’re back for another unboxing of the Plant Therapy Oil of the Month club! This month, the essential oil that lucky Plant Therapy VIPers got to get their hands on was Finger Root, and I’ll be honest… I love this scent. It’s in the same family as ginger, but it has a very sweet and earthy smell. Considering its relation to ginger, it does have a similar “burn” when you sniff it, but it’s not overwhelming. Personally, I think I might have found a new favorite scent! Plus, its benefits are also pretty great, including reducing nausea, relieving dry and itchy scalp, and can help reduce congestion. If you aren’t signed up for the Plant Therapy Oil of the Month Club, the bottom line is I think you guys missed out this month. This scent and this oil is going to be a huge hit with essential oil lovers, I can just imagine it! So, let’s just go ahead and move on to the stuff y’all likely want to know regarding this oil: the product details. …

ASMR: What It Is & How It Helps

When I tell you I really love ASMR, I’m not joking. In fact, as I sit here writing this article I’m listening to Heather Feather’s ASMR Ear, Nose and Throat Examination. It’s probably one of my favorite videos she does (thanks to the ear cupping and whispers), and I figured it would help me better explain the ASMR experience if it was happening while I wrote it. Also, I’m listening because, like I said, I really love listening to ASMR and can’t go a day without it. Well, that’s an exaggeration. I can go a day without ASMR, but I choose not too. I CAN QUIT ANYTIME I WANT, OKAY? If you know what ASMR is, and you’ve experienced it, you likely share a similar, but less extreme, view on watching and listening to the videos. It’s become a part of your routine to help you sleep, unwind, relax, or combat anxiety on a fairly regular basis. If you don’t know what ASMR is, and you’ve never experienced it, you’re probably wondering what it is and what it …

Plant Therapy Essential Oil of the Month: Palo Santo [March 2017]

I’m a little behind on posting this, but I’m excited to be sharing this with you now. You may remember the name Plant Therapy from my review I did a couple weeks ago. After I did that, I started exploring their website a little more and discovered something pretty fantastic: they offer an Essential Oil of the Month club. But it’s not just your standard subscription service. Plant Therapy’s Oil of the Month club is unique because subscribers get the chance to test an oil that isn’t yet being sold to the public. So, if you sign up for a monthly subscription, you’ll get to be the first person to test these new oils. How cool is that? After learning about the wonderful products that Plant Therapy has in stock, I figured why not give it a shot, and all the while letting you guys know what you are missing! This past month, I received my first essential oil from Plant Therapy, and when I opened the envelope, inside was the Palo Santo oil and …

Five Pro Tips For Travel Induced Anxiety & Phobias!

A long, long time ago on a YouTube channel that won’t be named, I created a list of tips about how to manage travel induced anxiety. I made it in an adrenaline fueled rush about two hours before I left for my own flight, and honestly it probably could have been done better, but you live and learn…and hopefully forget. But, in honor of my own flight back east to see family, I figured it might be a good time to rehash the old, and make it new here on #Fearless. In fact, by the time you read this I’ll likely be in South Carolina, enjoying the warm sun and great time with family! I live by these tips, and if I didn’t have them tucked in my metaphorical tool belt, I likely wouldn’t be able to travel at all.

REVIEW: Plant Therapy Essential Oils Are The Real Deal!

Disclaimer: #Fearless received a free sample of the products mentioned for an honest review, and received no compensation for this review. Our site policy is to only post honest reviews of products we feel our readers would enjoy. I’m fairly new to the essential oil scene, and if I’m being completely honest for the longest time I didn’t understand how they could be useful. Sure, I’ve read that scent is the most powerful connection to memory, and heard that lavender is supposed to produce a calming effect in the brain, but every time I had used lavender I got a massive headache. I just assumed essential oils weren’t for me, and never bought another one.