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In The News: Philadelphia’s Gay Pride Flag

Let’s not sugar coat this: the LGBTQ community, and much of America, is in an uproar right now over Philly’s recent addition to the rainbow flag. If you haven’t heard, they added a brown and black stripe to the flag to help represent LGBTQ people of color. And I’m sure by now you’ve read countless articles both for and against this addition, and heard countless reasons for why each side thinks they are more right than the other. But, in case you weren’t aware of all that happening, we here at #Fearless wanted to take the time educate not just our readers, but ourselves, on why the change was made, and what it truly symbolized. So, instead of you rummaging around the internet in search of clues, leave that to the trusty people of #Fearless! The History of the LGBTQ Flag* So, in order to understand the importance of the rainbow flag we need to go back. Way back, to the 1970s when the first rainbow flag was widely accepted as a symbol of the …

Welcome to #Fearless

Hello, ¬†and welcome #Fearless, a movement dedicated to sharing real stories, about real people, and their real life. We are focusing on a lifestyle that promotes the idea that being fearless isn’t about the absence of fear, but finding ways to power through regardless of it. We are hope, strength, love, courage, struggle & perseverance. Over the next few days, I will be releasing a multi-part series called Finding #Fearless, which is the story of me, my struggles and where I am today. It’s taking a look at the important parts of my life and the trials I endured that have laid the foundation for making myself a better me. It wasn’t always easy, but the road to a happy and fulfilled life rarely is. It takes hard work, dedication and persistence to achieve your goals, and Finding #Fearless is my personal road map.

In The News: Buzzfeed Explores Emetophobia

I am so, so excited to be writing about this right now. I don’t think you even can understand how much this makes me excited. My entire life has amounted to me making this blog and this particular segment, just so I could bring the amazing news that I am bringing you right now. On Monday morning one of my dearest and closest friends shot me a message that basically said I don’t know if this is all accurate, but it made me think of you. Attached was a link to a Buzzfeed article about 22 Things You Need To Know About Emetophobia.

In The News: College Students Concerned About Anxiety

Life as a college student, looking back, really are the best years of your life. No responsibilities, but having all the control over what happens in your life. It’s a pristine time, and it’s a time I wish I could revisit – just nix the exams, homework, projects and any graded work. The majority of the stress I endured from college was because of deadlines and procrastination. When I think back on it though, I don’t remember the stress I felt over that thesis paper, or that exam I was sure I was going to fail.