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#Fearless Family: What To Expect From US Healthcare

By Lindsey LaForge #Fearless Family Writer Interacting with the healthcare system can be a daunting and anxiety provoking experience, especially if you’ve never done it on your own! Knowing what to expect ahead of time can help lessen some of that anxiety and uncertainty. This article discusses some of the common healthcare settings (in the United States) and answers some general questions to help you prepare! Doctor’s Offices How do I get a doctor? Do a quick internet search for your area or use your insurance company’s website to search for covered providers. Then, call and see if they are: a) accepting new patients, and b) accepting your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, some offices have programs in place to provide free or lower cost care. Don’t be afraid to call and ask! My doctor’s office has a doctor and a nurse practitioner/physician’s assistant. Which one should I see? In a primary care setting, either is fine! Nurse practitioners or physicians assistants can do most of the same things a doctor can do (do …

We Are Fearless: An Unfortunate Turn of Events

By Pascalle J.M. #Fearless Family Writer Suffering from emetophobia is a harsh reality for many. I have struggled with this phobia ever since I was a very young child. My phobia started when I was around the age of eight. As a child, I was not really scared to get sick myself. But for some reason, the sight, sound and whole atmosphere of someone getting sick close to me terrified me and was enough to send me into sheer panic. I constantly asked other children if they felt ill, just to be sure that I was in the clear. If someone looked a little pale, or rejected food I would stay away from that person. For some strange reason, I developed an almost supernatural ability to judge whether someone is about to get sick or not. I guess I developed strong senses and the ability to observe sharply.