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#Fearless Quote of the Week
Submission Guidelines

We want to feature you on #Fearless. No really, we do! And we know the perfect way to do it that’s a win-win for everyone. You love inspirational quotes, we love inspirational quotes; so let us share your favorite quote on #Fearless!

Each week we will feature an inspirational quote chosen by our readers, and we want the next quote to be yours.

Here’s what we look for when it comes to submitting a #Fearless Quote of the Week:

  1. A meaningful quote, song lyric, poetry verse, or phrase that you feel resonates with you, and whoever said it, wrote it, sang it.
  2. A short 150-200 word explanation for why that quote means something to you, and how it helps you feel #Fearless.

It’s as simple as that! You can submit once or many times, but we can’t wait to see what makes you feel #Fearless!

You can submit your quote by using the form below, or by emailing contact@hashtagfearless.com. If you will be emailing us directly instead of using the form, please make sure the subject like has #Fearless QOTW!