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#Fearless Family: Freed From His Capture

The following article contains content that could be triggering to those who have struggled with childhood sexual abuse, trauma or assault. By Rayven Satterfield of Mocha Mag #Fearless Family Writer It was getting late and my stomach was aching. My younger sisters nagged me to make dinner but I stayed glue to my mattress with no words. My mom was arguing with my stepfather again and I tried to stay away whenever things got heated. My stomach was rumbling also but the kitchen was by my mom’s room and I always tried to avoid conflict. My stepfather was a tough man so when he yelled it echoed the apartment walls causing anyone who passed by to hear it. I remained silent but my sisters kept asking me for food. My twin brother told me that he was also hungry so I gave in and agreed to make them a meal. I didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire, so I knew I had a small window of time. I slowly walked into the kitchen …

A New Normal: Letting Go of Emetophobia

I feel like I need to preface this with saying you, the Internet, are very lucky. I have only ever told this to two other people: my therapist and my husband. They both happened on the same day, and that day was roughly 3.5 years ago. One of the biggest struggles I faced with emetophobia was not just the phobia itself, but trying to learn to tools and coping mechanisms to handle the anxiety and panic that was associated with it. Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy (CBT) is by far the best thing my therapist did with me, and a lot if it is simple coping techniques to help me stretch my boundaries.