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Dear Diary: Hello 2017

It’s 2017. Freaking finally, am I right? But jokes aside, I’m very excited for 2017. To be honest, the excitement I’ve felt around 2017 has been slowly building since middle of December and I’m hoping that this excitement is almost a sign of what’s to come for the new year. Beyond what I hope will be happening in this new year, there are a few things that are for sure happening that are worth some excitement.

Dear Diary: Goodbye, 2016 – It’s been good…or something?

It seems fitting that my 100th post on this site is a reflection of where I’ve come this year. I think it’s appropriate of me to say that there’s a universal sigh of relief knowing that in just one day, we can put the past 12 months behind us and begin focusing on what we hope will be a much less stressful 2017. Because I don’t think ¬†anyone will deny that 2016 might just have been one of the toughest years this country, and world, has faced thus far. What I also think is fitting is how I find myself asking how did we get to this point so quickly, and in the same breath, how did it take so long to get here? It’s kind of funny how it works that way. And, my, what a year it’s been.