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Recovery Is Not Easy

Recovery is not easy. Anyone who tells you that recovery is easy is a liar, and that’s coming from someone who considers herself an eternal optimist. I’m an advocate for empowering people through lifting them up, showing them the strength they possess to face the upcoming battles of mental health recovery; but sometimes being honest is better than being optimistic. Recovery is not easy, and sometimes it’s downright scary. It’s unnerving, it’s stressful, it’s exhausting. It’s a constant uphill battle, it’s slipping and falling, and having to set boundaries with people that you know aren’t helping you achieve your goal. It’s finding a way to know what you need to be your best self, all while maintaining some sense of normalcy. Recovery is finding the courage to get up and fight the same demons that beat you down yesterday, approaching with a new tactic and still failing. It’s realizing that sometimes to win a war, you have to fight the same battle over and over again, on different days, in different settings. When I started …

#Fearless Family: There’s Always Light In The Dark

The following post contains content that could be triggering to those currently struggling with self harm and/or depression. If you ever in crisis or need hope in a time of darkness, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (US) or, for those not in the states, to a Suicide Hotline in the UK. By Ches Powell #Fearless Family Writer It’s easy to say I have an addictive personality. As well as an expressive one. For me it’s natural to slip into dangerous patterns of behaviour. Follow the loop round from a trigger to a full blown breakdown. That’s how I lost six months of my life that I will never get back. It was September. There were leaves still on the trees, although they were starting to fall by then. I was obsessed with some song that I’ve forgotten the name of now. It was one of those songs that pretty much sucked except that one line you really identify with. I don’t even remember the line now, but I remember singing it to myself …

#Fearless Family: Light At The End Of The Emetophobia Tunnel

By Jessica B. #Fearless Family Writer I might be one of the luckiest emet’s in the world. That is, if you consider having photographic evidence of the moment your phobia first physically manifested to be “lucky.” Can you tell which one I am? If not, well maybe this helps. Still not sure? How about I just tell you. I’m the one standing as far away as possible from the other kids, and judging by the haircut, I’m going to say this photo was taken sometime during second grade – the year it all began… To say I’m a lucky emet goes deeper than the possession of these photographs. I consider myself lucky because I know exactly how I got where I am today. What started as extreme avoidance of a black t-shirt and staying up way past my bedtime, gradually evolved into an adolescent, and eventually even an adult, who struggles on a day to day basis with an irrational fear of vomiting. I’m sure every single person who lives with emetophobia could fill the …

Five Pro Tips For Travel Induced Anxiety & Phobias!

A long, long time ago on a YouTube channel that won’t be named, I created a list of tips about how to manage travel induced anxiety. I made it in an adrenaline fueled rush about two hours before I left for my own flight, and honestly it probably could have been done better, but you live and learn…and hopefully forget. But, in honor of my own flight back east to see family, I figured it might be a good time to rehash the old, and make it new here on #Fearless. In fact, by the time you read this I’ll likely be in South Carolina, enjoying the warm sun and great time with family! I live by these tips, and if I didn’t have them tucked in my metaphorical tool belt, I likely wouldn’t be able to travel at all.

Finding #Fearless: The Shit Baton

This is the fifth part of a six part series called Finding #Fearless. It’s the story of my life, my journey and the struggles I’ve endured that have made me who I am today. All names and places have been changed to protect the people involved. To read the rest of the series, please click below: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six Did you know that I can feel sadness? I know it’s shocking that I, a sometimes functioning, occasionally awkward human, am capable of feeling the emotion of sadness. But it’s true, and it’s going to be a big headline news story, just you wait. And if that wasn’t enough to totally set a nuke off in that brain of yours, well, let me blow it even further: you can actually be afraid of feeling human emotions. Cue the synchronized mind blowing of every single person in this universe… all at one time. Okay, it’s not actually that big of a deal, but personally I …

Finding #Fearless: Conquering Emetophobia

This is the third part of a six part series called Finding #Fearless. It’s the story of my life, my journey and the struggles I’ve endured that have made me who I am today. All names and places have been changed to protect the people involved. To read the rest of the series, please click below: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six Emeto…what? That’s a pretty common response when I tell people about the phobia that has been a part of my life since essentially birth. Emetophobia, the irrational and intense fear of throwing up, is a very common, but generally unknown, panic disorder and phobia. People who suffer from emetophobia fall into one of the following categories: afraid of just themselves throwing up, afraid of just others throwing, or afraid of both themselves and others throwing up.

Dear Diary: Hello 2017

It’s 2017. Freaking finally, am I right? But jokes aside, I’m very excited for 2017. To be honest, the excitement I’ve felt around 2017 has been slowly building since middle of December and I’m hoping that this excitement is almost a sign of what’s to come for the new year. Beyond what I hope will be happening in this new year, there are a few things that are for sure happening that are worth some excitement.

Dear Diary: Goodbye, 2016 – It’s been good…or something?

It seems fitting that my 100th post on this site is a reflection of where I’ve come this year. I think it’s appropriate of me to say that there’s a universal sigh of relief knowing that in just one day, we can put the past 12 months behind us and begin focusing on what we hope will be a much less stressful 2017. Because I don’t think  anyone will deny that 2016 might just have been one of the toughest years this country, and world, has faced thus far. What I also think is fitting is how I find myself asking how did we get to this point so quickly, and in the same breath, how did it take so long to get here? It’s kind of funny how it works that way. And, my, what a year it’s been.

We Are Fearless: The Silent Struggle

By Laura Ackerman #Fearless Family Writer I don’t tend to keep secrets about myself. I’m one that believes revealing our personal vulnerabilities and challenges, open us up to authentic relationships with one another. Here, I am going to tell you about a phobia I have that has impacted my entire life in so many debilitating ways. Nobody knows the true intensity of my phobia. This will be the first time I have ever discussed it openly.