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We Are Fearless: Let’s Talk About Post Partum Depression

By Brittany Legg #Fearless Family Writer When you hear about someone having postpartum depression, you probably think of the stories on the news about women harming their children. These are extreme cases, though they do happen. I went through the experience of having post-partum depression (PPD) after the birth of my daughter, and never laid a hand on her. While I was thrilled that she had finally arrived, after a few weeks of being home something just didn’t feel right. I was constantly worried something was going to happen to her. I couldn’t sit still and just enjoy bonding with her. At first, I just believed that it was due to being a new mom for the first time, and also to my extreme lack of sleep. So, I started doing a little research online, mostly to find others who had felt this way. Turns out, PPD is more common than you think.